999 Computer Doctor — Terms & conditions

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Terms & conditions

  1. If we have installed any remote support software (e.g. LogMeIn, WinVNC, OneClick, Zolved) on any of your PC’s, although we wont ever access your machine without your permission, you must understand that we are potentially able to access and view any activity on such PC’s at any time. Please ask us to show you how to disable this feature or to remove them completely if you do not agree.
  2. We strongly suggest that you back up any important files that are present on your machine as although we take great care, in very rare cases changes made to a computer system can cause unpredictable results. We will not accept any responsibility for data loss whatsoever.
  3. We may have to reset some parts of the software on your machine, this may include deleting saved passwords.
  4. The remote support software potentially gives us the right to access all the data on your machine. Although we will not look at the contents of any files that are outside the scope the work we are carrying out, please ensure that you are comfortable with this.

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